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In South Lakes U3A walking is such a popular activity that we have thirteen separate walking groups. From the Gentle Strollers to the Fellwanderers Plus these vary in the length, height and difficulty of their walks.

Links to each of the 13 Groups are shown below

Gentle Strollers Strollers
Amblers 1-4 Amblers Plus 1-2
Ramblers Ramblers Plus
Tuesday Walkers  
Fellwanderers Fellwanderers Plus

Most of the groups meet on Thursdays (but not all at the same place or the same Thursday of the month) and start at 10.00 - 11.00 am. Members make their own way to the starting points, and we encourage car sharing to minimise parking difficulties.

Walks are planned and lead by volunteer members of the groups. Details of each walk are distributed to group members in advance, and are also available from the group coordinator and published in our Newsletter.

If you are thinking of joining a wallking group, please contact the approprate coordinator before going along, as some groups limit the number on a walk for safety reasons. Members can find the coordinators' contact details in the newsletter. If you are a prospective U3A member then please look at the image above to decide which group or groups best suits your abilty, then use the form on the Contact Us page and you will be put in touch with the group coordinator(s).


Neither South Lakes U3A, nor the Walk Leader/Organiser of the walk(s) can control the environment, weather, any animals or, indeed, any of the walkers, and whilst taking normal precautions, providing reasonable help and assistance as necessary, they cannot accept responsibility for any circumstances affecting the Health or Safety of the Walkers in the party.

Walks organised by U3A Groups and led by U3A members are automatically covered by Public Liability Insurance through the Third Age Trust. This is designed to protect leaders against claims for damage to property and for injury or death which might have been occasioned on the walk. This is NOT a personal accident insurance and accordingly participants on walks are responsible for their own Health and Safety and the safe keeping of their equipment, clothing and belongings.

Participants on Walks should follow the advice/instructions of the Walk Leader in order to minimise any risk to themselves and should also ensure that they do not endanger others in the group.

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