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The Collins Dictionary definition of culture is: ‘Activities such as the arts and philosophy, which are considered to be important for the development of civilization and of people’s minds.’ Hence we organise trips to the ballet, opera, classical music concerts, theatres, art galleries, museums and exhibitions. Travel is always by coach from Kendal.

In August we will see Alan Ayckbourn’s play Dear Uncle at Keswick, and in November The Nutcracker in Liverpool. 

Also, in November, with the Memorable Experiences group, we plan to hear the acclaimed Sixteen Choir and Orchestra perform Monteverdi’s Vespers at The Bridgewater Hall.

For more information and to register for future trips please contact Ann or use the Contact Form.

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30 MAY 2020

Although all the venues we usually frequent are now closed due to Corvid-19 and planned performances have been cancelled there is still a wealth of cultural activities available online.
I receive notification of some of these from The Bridgewater Hall, The Liverpool Philharmonic, The English National Ballet and Opera North which I pass on to the members.

One absolutely, beautiful performance is of the ballet ‘The Dying Swan’ performed by 32 international prima ballerinas in their own homes. One is dancing in her kitchen but that does not detract from the pure artistry of her dancing. Perhaps it makes it even more poignant. Sans-Saens atmospheric composition is played by a single cellist. Type ‘Swans for Relief’ into your search engine to find it. Even if you are not a ballet fan please watch at least part of it and perhaps marvel at the way their arms resemble the wings of that beautiful bird. You might become a convert!

Another fantastic performance is by the Scott brothers at home. They are playing Schubert’s Serenade on a piano and an organ. If you are feeling stressed and, maybe, very alone during lockdown this should calm you down. I felt so much better after listening to it. 

You can also watch and listen to Jonathan Scott playing the Pachelbel’s Canon in St Ann’s Church, Manchester. This is one of my favourite pieces of music and it was a sheer joy to listen to and to see it being played in that beautiful church. It is a piece of music that will surely lift your spirits. There is also a video of his playing Handel’s Largo in the Albion Church, Ashton-under-Lyme. Another superb performance.
It is hoped that sometime in the relatively near future you might be able to hear him playing in Kendal Parish Church. Fingers crossed because he is a master organist. Watch this space! I will let you know if, and when, he is coming to Kendal.   In rthe meantime, you can find a selection of their concerts on YouTube

Although orchestras and ballet companies have programmes planned – many starting at the end of October – I doubt that I shall be trying to arrange any Culture Trips until 2021 unless circumstances change dramatically and you are eager to attend a concert or ballet.
Keep safe and keep well

Very best wishes from Ann

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